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Being an HCoop board member is not a particularly intense task, but the tasks performed are essential to the operation of HCoop. This page is incomplete, but should provide an overview of the tasks a board member is expected to perform.

See also AdminPolicies, an orphaned page that contains an earlier attempt at defining the board/administrative duties.

1. General Duties

Traditionally the BoardOfDirectors has been involved in technical decisions; this is mostly an artifact of the folks writing code and performing maintenance usually ending volunteered into taking board positions as well.

Additionally, there are three officers who perform additional duties.

2. Officers

2.1. President

2.1.1. Election

Annual election process begins in the first week of March.

See HCoopElectionProcedures

2.1.2. Post Election

2.1.3. After New Board Has Elected Officers

2.2. Secretary

2.3. Treasurer