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Davor Ocelic, HCOOP Inc. Board of Directors member (currently serving as President) and System Administrator.

1. Board of Directors position

I should give you a word on the nature of the Board of Directors position within HCoop, Inc. HCoop is democratic in its roots, thanks to the original principles set by one of the original four founders, Adam Chlipala.

This means the power is held within the member base, and within the Board of Directors (see our HcoopBylaws page).

So the Board of Directors (BoD) position has a few specifics:

I think it is important that you pay close attention to the Board being a "good balance of skills, geographic locations, and personalities" (quoting NathanKennedy).

An update will follow here with a review of our last year's performance and plans for the next year.

1.1. Board of Directors position (2008)

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me on our third BoD HCOOP elections (see Election2008).

1.2. Board of Directors position (2007)

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me on our third BoD HCOOP elections (see Election2007).

1.3. Board of Directors position (2006)

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me on our second BoD HCOOP elections (see Election2006).

1.4. Board of Directors position (2005)

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me on our first BoD HCOOP elections (see Election2005).

2. System administrator position

I'm happy to say we've set up a successful Kerberos/OpenAFS based system infrastructure, and we've been running pretty well all this time.

We have 4 servers (Deleuze, Mire, Krunk, Outpost), and the 5th one is on the way to being set up and handling all HCoop email. This will reduce load from our main server Deleuze and hopefully bring better database performance. If databases will still be a problem, we have another system we will be able to use for that purpose.

As far as our current technology and my system administrator position at HCOOP are concerned, as always I plan to:

As you might know, just recently one of our great admins, Michael Olson, stepped down from the sysadmin position. I'd like to thank Mike for all the excellent work he has done, and would like to invite skilled members to signup for hcoop-sysadmin@ mailing list, and eventually volunteer for the position. We currently have another member, David Crawshaw, who will probably become another admin, but we're on the edge of being underpowered, and we'd gladly accept further sysadmin candidates.

Current list of tasks the sysadmins are handling is listead at page TaskDistribution.

Our hardware list is at Hardware.

3. Other

Pointers to various projects I'm involved with:


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