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This is the HCoop Member Manual. It will tell you all you need to know about using HCoop services and participating in the co-op.

Getting Started

Things that new and current members must know about HCoop's setup. It is considered required reading before contacting HCoop administrators or filing support requests.

Paying Dues

How to pay dues to HCoop, and the consequences of falling behind in payment.

Getting Help

Our full procedures for contacting HCoop volunteers and asking questions about HCoop.

Shell Access

How to log in to our machines, and a brief explanation of what our machines do.

Getting a Domain

How to buy yourself a domain name from a registrar and manage it at HCoop.

Using Domtool

The bare minimum that you need to know concerning our use of DomTool.

Serving Websites

How to serve your website(s).

Serving Web Applications

How to serve common web applications


Using PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

Transferring Files

How to transfer files to and from your home directory, which is kept in AFS.


How to receive and manage your email, deal with spam, and set up Mailman mailing lists.


How to use Jabber for instant messaging.

Running Unattended Commands

In general, how to run unattended commands (such as custom daemons or commands called from cron scripts) from your AFS home directory.

Using cron

How to use cron to run commands periodically.


How we back-up your data and how you can access the saved copies.

Version Control

How to use version control software to host code on HCoop servers.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Answers to questions often asked about DomTool and our setup.

Data retention policies

Data retention policies upon membership termination.


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